Sam the Astronaut


TJ and Garrison got together after a manic freak out Tj had on his bus ride to the lamest pizza job in maple ridge. They spent a few days at Little Mountain Sound Studios recording ‘waves’, and through that time, Tj and Garrison bonded over the strive to tour in a band. But with 80’s synths and radical sounds. After talking about doing more songs together. Tj invested in a pair of monitors and a URMKII interface and using a $80 mic with a sock as a pop filter. They wrote and recorded/mixed the rest of the album in Tj’s apartment bedroom in Port Moody.


Sam the Astronaut is a melting pot of pop, rock, and hip hop. Hypnotizing you with beats and tempos that you can sway to without spilling your beer, and dance to while looking like a hippy. Some say they sound like 1975 trying to be Blink 182 with small peckers.


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