Why Volunteer?

Well, to put it simply, running a festival is a lot of work. Much too much work for only a handful of people. Our volunteers are like the backbone of the festival! The whole purpose of this event is to bring people together in one community, and to have a chance to experience the beauty of the arts. Volunteers become an even more integral part of this vision as they are very close to heart of everything we do here!


We are a small festival with a small budget, however we couldn't not show our appreciation for our volunteers!

Here are a couple of the benifits you will receive as a volunteer:


1: Free admittance to the festival and free camping (including power/water space permitting)

2: Food voucher for the concession

3: Acess to free drinking water over the weekend

4: Volunteer Lunch for those who help with takedown on Sunday

5: Volunteer after-party

6: Big ol' hug from the volunteer coordinator (optional reward)


Check out all the positions we need to fill in below. This year we are looking for about 25 volunteers.

Volunteer Positions

Our festival would not be possible without the many helping hands of our volunteers. This year we are looking for about 25 individuals who will give up part of their weekend to help us run this festival. There are five different volunteer positions available. Each position requires 8hrs of volunteer work. You can see a more details description of each positions duties below by clicking on the link.

Gate Crew

Selling tickets at the gate, giving people wrist bands, directing people to campsites, and giving people general information of the festival. this is one of the more important roles of volunteering. This duty will be divided into four two hour shifts over the weekend.

Beer Gardens

Checking ID's, giving out wrist bands, selling beer tickets, pouring pints. Certainly you will become one of the more recognized faces that people love at the festival! Of course though, this position does come with a certain degree of responsibility. You must be at least 18 years of age to be able to volunteer in the beer gardens. This duty will be divided into four two hour shifts.


Burgers, and Hot Dogs, and Fries? Oh My! Also merch, and treats! Do you like to cook at all? Can you make a pot of coffee? The kitchen/consession is a position of making food and selling some merch for the festival. Let's face it... the look on a child's face as you hand them a freezee that's longer than their body is worth all the volunteer time spent in the kitchen! This position will be broken into 1-2hr shifts over the weekend.

Grounds and Facility Care

The grounds are beautiful, and we would like to keep it that way during the festival. This position involves emptying garbages, cleaning the kitchen and beer gardens, and also taking care of the bathrooms when needed. Sounds like a lot of work, but in reality this is actually probably one of the less demanding volunteer positions. It's still quite important though! This position will be split up into specific times for cleaning facilities, and a need to basis for grounds clean up.

Night Security

Due to the nature of how our festival is set up. night security is required to keep an eye on the front gate and stage after hours. This is probably one of the more physically demanding positions, however the bonus is that there are no daytime duties which means you can participate in as much of the festival as you want! This position is split into two 4 hour shifts, one each night. Bring a book and a coffee!

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