General Outline for Cleanning Crew:



  • Two people per shift
  • There will be multiple half-hour/full hour shifts over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • 2 total volunteer positions available



  • At least one person on shift must have a cell phone in case of need for contact
  • Ideally there will be one male, and one female volunteer so there is no need to close a bathroom down when cleaning, however this can be worked around if needed
  • Must have a general knowlege of the festival's policies and procedures.
  • Ideally individuals should have training in proper cleaning procedures. Some training will be given on site.
  • Personal responsibilty and motivation is important for this shift, as it will typically be on a "need to" basis, with little supervision.
  • Must attend a training and orientation session at festival location on Friday Aug 18 at 3pm



  • Taking a walk around of the grounds and picking up any trash or recycling.
  • Emptying our grabages and recycling bins - replacing bags
  • Restocking bathrooms as needed
  • Cleaning bathrooms and outhouses
  • Cleaning tables and chairs in beer gardens
  • Clanning the kitchen at intervals



  • This volunteer duty is divided into strategic times for cleaning, however there is no specific amount of time per shift to clean for. Sometimes it will mearly be a matter of minutes cleaning a particular area, others it might take an hour or so to finish a specific task.
  • This duty will be most imporatant on Sunday morning as that is when the final clean will happen for everything.
  • Often times areas will appear to be clean, however we still will require that things such as bathrooms and the kitchen have a good disinfectant wash down when scheduled.
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